the jesus wall

Hourly rental photo studio close to a freeway and food. Air conditioned, multiple set ups include a white cove and the iconic Jesus Wall. Lights and grip available.

About 2300 square feet with 15 foot ceilings, big window with warm morning fill light. Over 2700 previous rentals in 10 years at this address.

The Jesus Wall Studio was established in 1990 and has moved three times, staying within two miles of its original location in DTLA.

The current Jesus Wall is now larger and wider than any previous version, and has air conditioning and is only 50 feet away from a restaurant!

kevin.me 02.jpg photographer owner studio manager

kevin break

Owner Kevin Break was born in Glendale in the early '60s. Kevin became interested in photography in high school and has been doing it ever since.

He is both a photographer and studio location manager with experience dating before 1990.