• Your retainer is deducted from the total at the end of the shoot. It may be returned to you up to 48 hours before the shoot, should you need to cancel. It is not refundable less than 24 hours from the shoot.


  • Please do not arrive early.

  • Please be considerate of shoots before yours and my family life. If you need to arrive early please call.

  • Rental starts when first person enters, and ends when last person leaves.


  • Please park in the yellow boxed loading zone at the front door. On either side are tow away spaces.

  • If you have several cars, please park on Moulton.


  • Please use common sense, furniture and lights need to be returned to their approximate origins and trash needs to be taken out.

  • Loss or damage to furniture or lights is billable.

  • At no time may anyone walk on the curved cove. It is fragile and damage is billable. Minimum amount $500.

  • The white cove floor is fragile; minimum paint job $50.

  • No hard core photography or glitter allowed.

  • Items left will be held for up to 15 days